The Oncoming Times of Mixed Reality

Why should we pay attention to mixed reality? First of all, we need to explain what the differences of AR, VR and MR are. According to what Milgram had defined in 1994, the experience in which only physical reality participates and those with only virtual reality are two extremes of a kind of continuous spectrum. […]

Body Extension Experiment

In this part we want to discuss the possibility of extending sense of touch and dislocation on human body. We mapped the distance between the physical hands and leapmotion into a larger range and in the virtual world player will see that his arms can reach, say, 6 meters far. And if we put the […]

Balance Challenge Experiment

In this experience we want to explore how people will fee when the space is dynamic while the audience is static. Can we do tricks on human vision and judgement on the attribute of space and make their mind believe what they see will have physical feedback on their body. So we built a tunnel […]