• What is the function of this product?

    When certain VR projects / contents need a large space but they can not the virtual space become 1:1 scale as the physical one, most of the VR games or experience will use a tricky method to enable the users to get a larger scale of virtual experience. These methods include but not limited to, joy sticks, mouse or keyboards, running-machine-liked mechanical equipment. Our product can meet this need and more importantly, provides a new choice for them. At the same time when VR content users get the real walking experience, they can choose freely with their walking path and direction, and receive tactile feedback in virtual space.

    Whomever uses this techniques will be given a tag called “Config Reality” as long as they have been approved by us. And we will promote all together for the products with the tag authorized by us.

  • How do you make this technique come true?

    This projuct will need to use an Mixed Reality Redirected Walking Algorithm developed by our team. It is different from all the published related algorithms that uses the general principles of redirected walking techniques. And in the applied environments we have tested, it is also superior to other algorithms, and can provide more features. The most basic principle this algorithm refers to is using the unobservable spatial locating distortion of users, and use this distortion to redirect their ability of spatial orientation and location. And it also provides authentic visual contents, binaural sound and tactile feedbacks. This can make virtual content become more real and natural like physical environment.

  • What conditions have to be met to use this technique?

    This product can map limited physical space to infinite virtual space without additional hardware support, and the technique could become an add-on for certain VR experience or gaming experience. However, we should say that the freedom is still relative for now because we are currently using an 4x8m physical space due to the limitation of hardware technologies. Theoretically speaking, larger physical space will largely improve the quality of user experience. But according to the feedbacks from public who have already tried our demo experiences designed by us, the results are satisfying enough to encourage us to push further to provide better experience for the users.

  • What is your product's unique competitiveness?

    There are two types of products or methods that are not algorithm based.

    One is using controllers like joy sticks, mouse or keyboards. These methods do not cost much but force the users to abandon their natural method of experiencing spaces. And they have to adapt themselves to a new method of walking interaction. Further more, this way of walking does not allow the user's brain to get synchronized feedback, some users may even produce a dizziness or vomiting response.

    Another solution is using a running-machine-liked mechanical equipment to simulate the method of walking. Some products are still in the experimental stage, some have been commercialized. As for the experience of the users, they not be completely immersed, They will have a strong sense that reality is being simulated instead of restored. And the cost is relatively high and not accessible to anyone.

    As for the methods that are using algorithms, they do not need additional hardware support. So the cost is not high. There are researches in universities and commercialized contents related to this kind of algorithm and they are mainly divided to two kinds.

    One is predictive algorithm, which has to be customized according to the designed contents and scenes. This can provide relatively better experience, but will have to control where the viewers should go and they will feel the experience more linear than free.

    Another is reactive algorithm, which can get viewers’ location information , calculate in realtime and redirect their walking path. But the result of that calculation can not effectively keep the viewers in an limited physical space all the time. The solution they have used to keep this is that when viewers walk near to the physical boundaries, they will trigger a kind of resetting mechanism. It will force the viewers to stop and rotae a certain angle to continue the walking experience in a correct way. This kind of mechanism, to some extent, will continuously break down the immersive experience.

    The algorithm that is developed by ourselves does not need additional hardware support as well and cost little. As for the mechanism of how it works, our algorithm starts from the general principles, and used a brand new logic to re-establish the connection between physical space and virtual space. It combines the advantages of both reactive and predictive algorithm, which means users can not only choose freely where they want to go, but also free of the concern that their immersive experience will be stopped by such resetting rules. Further more, users can get real tactile feedbacks in the virtual world when they touch the boundaries. What we can do is combining rich contents in virtual space with familiar spatial interaction methods people have in physical space. When this is achieved, our algorithm will be an mixed reality experience instead of just being virtual.


  • Where can we take part in your live demo?

    Recently we will exhibit our work in London, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc. You can keep an eye on our website to get the time and location of our future exhibition. If you are interested in commercial cooperation and need us to specifically exhibit our work in your place. You can also contact us via our website or email to book our live demo.

  • Can I experience it online?

    Because Our product is a walking experience in mixed reality, which means it is physical space based. So the only way to have a try is on-site participation. If you wish to preview our demo scene online, you can browse our official video channel (Youku in China or Vimeo). Those videos are about what you will see in the demo experience, real user interaction documentation, and the research process and idea of our project. Later on we will release 360 panorama videos for you to preview.


  • What are your services covering?

    For now we provide a service of developing and customizing mixed reality walking experience. We will develop a complete, mixed reality product for your specific commercial needs. Additionally, we also welcome various cooperation in the form of technology authorization, and make our mixed reality walking experience become an add on and a tag for your current product. We can promote certain products either through independent development by us or collective development by both you and us.

  • What users or group of people are you aiming at?

    Currently we are developing based on 3 kinds of application scenarios. They are Mixed Reality Marketing, Mixed Reality Theme Park, Mixed Reality Exhibition. We welcome all the clients who are in need of any scenarios mentioned above to contact us and cooperate.

  • What are the specific cooperation methods?

    We have experienced mixed reality content design /develop team, and can provide complete solution based on your specific need. This include services like solutions for scene design and experience development, mixed reality walking experience integration plan and experience optimization.

  • Do you provide product maintenance?

    If the product or the experience is cooperatively customized and developed by both our team and our client, we will provide technical support throughout the whole process. If the development is only authorized and we did not get involved in the design process, then we will provide technical support according to specific circumstances.

  • Does your redirected walking experience support multi-player?

    This function is still in development, please refer to our website for latest updates.


  • What are your future plans and what is the ultimate goal of your project?

    The latest mixed reality redirected walking algorithm we have now is just the first version. In the future, we will keep iterating and developing for this technique. We hope this techinique could become the fundamental technology of all the mixed reality experience. This will definitely extend the application scenarios of mixed reality.

  • How can I get in touch with you?

    We welcome everyone who are interested in this technique to contact us via email or our website. If you have specific commercial needs or have the intention for cooperation, please email us directly. Our email address is: info@configreality.comIf you wish to discuss about this topic, please hash tag #configreality