Redirect Your Perception Within Limited Space

Walking while perceiving the space beyond

The Mixed Reality Redirected Walking Algorithm developed by us is a technique that enables users to physically walk and explore a potentially infinite virtual space in a limited physical space by redirecting their sense of direction and location.

Synchronize With Your Physical Touch

Physically feel the boundaries of virtual space

The algorithm synchronizes the physical virtual boundaries so when users are in the virtual world, they are given the ability to not only see the boundary, but also physically get an augmented perception in mixed space.



VR/AR Marketing

The algorithm can retain the natural way of walking be used to customize space interior design and let users walk to anywhere and physically experience their works just like walking in a real space.


VR theme park

The algorithm can be the framework of VR games in theme parks, escape games with real walking experience in a perceived larger space within a limited physical room.



Digital artworks like paintings, sculptures and films can be put into a certain location in the virtual space. In this way a very limited physical space can actually accommodate many more exhibits, which would be really space-saving.

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