1. Distribution of high-quality content

Featuring free-roaming experience,
gathering the world's best content for exclusive distribution

2. Self-developed cloud XR platform

Core algorithm builds distribution platform
Exclusive infinite walking algorithm to improve play efficiency

3. Build offline distribution network

Multi-scene LBE distribution network
Build online social content universe in the long term

Our Technology

Cloud XR
Distribution Platform

High-quality PCVR content is streamed to client headsets via NVIDIA CloudXR technology through a self-developed business platform based on distributed edge computing power. Viewers can enjoy a high-quality experience with lightweight devices. Virtual content will be strictly protected, and the difficulty of on-site operation will be greatly reduced. Together with an exclusive and exciting content library, it opens a new era of CloudXR.

No backpack computer

Users do not need to carry a backpack computer on their body can also enjoy a high-quality PCVR experience, and can achieve 12 people on the same field experience.

Ready to use right out of the box

No complicated setup and no need for operations staff to even touch Windows. Easily schedule content and devices from the iPad Business Console.


With the power of NVIDIA CloudXR, we can stream the highest quality PCVR and AR content to the slimmest and most convenient end devices available today.

Common distribution scenarios

Application Scenarios

Location based XR Entertainment

Bring exciting content to millions of location-based viewers through the Cloud XR distribution mechanism. With the powerful platform capability, it will greatly improve the operational efficiency of offline stores and save the initial investment cost.


Experience in branded corporate showrooms and government showrooms brings ultra-high quality experiences to viewers with the help of platform distribution capabilities. Fully activate the content potential of the showroom to go beyond the conventional screen experience.

Museum of Fine Arts

Evolve traditional art into interactive digital media art to enhance audience participation in traditional art venues. Combine online virtual pavilion, digital collection, and offline experience in three dimensions for content distribution.

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