Our Technology

One-Stop Cloud XR
Distribution Platform

  • Compatible with roaming multi-player spaces as well as stand-up experiences.
  • Compatibility with PCVR as well as unified management of mobile VR content.
  • Industry-leading content protection mechanism.
  • Extremely easy-to-use on-site operation control panel.
  • Accurate and authoritative billing system;

Exclusive algorithm SDK.

  • Exclusive Infinite Walk® algorithm;
  • Multi-Person Collaboration System;
  • Multi-sensory kit;

Multi-device control.

  • Unified control of huge amount of equipment on site;
  • An easy-to-use scheduling system based on iPad;
  • Precise user billing and content protection;

Marketing system.

  • Online reservation scheduling system;
  • Member marketing system;
  • Detail user analysis;

Distribution pipeline

distribution pipeline

Through our platform distribution, developers can enjoy the top exclusive SDK power, and do not have to repeat the development of the functions in the distribution platform system, leaving the distribution to us, allowing developers to return to the content itself.

Patented Technology

Infinite walk algorithm.

Space compression

Mapping virtual space of any size and shape to a finite physical space through a unique algorithm. The function of infinite walking is realized inside the limited space.


Fitting the virtual world and the real world, see and feel. With different devices can be achieved, tactile, hot and cold, wind, wet and dry immersive feedback.

Multi-player experience

Depending on the size of the venue, it supports 4-30 people to experience at the same time. FullBody tracking technology is used to restore the user's real-time body movements and prevent the user from colliding during the journey through path planning.

Cloud Distribution Architecture

Global distribution.

We work with major top content studios around the world to bring top content to the Chinese market and distribute it on a consistent basis. Partner studios include: China MultiVerse, France DSLCollection, Ukraine ARVI, etc.

All for developers

Developers SDK

A rich developer kit is available within the distribution platform, allowing developers to quickly produce exciting content and reach audiences through the platform.

Development Kits
Screening System

Manage up to hundreds of devices simultaneously for content deployment and screening

Data Analysis

Provide accurate player data analysis for content owners and operators

Content Protection DRM

Dedicated servers ensure that content executables cannot be accessed by any means

Flexible Resource Scheduling

Elastic scheduling of public cloud resources for scalable cloud XR and multi-person online scenarios

Billing Forensics

Provide XR ticketing system to meet the usage habits of the Chinese market

Multi-Person Collaboration

Handle synchronization issues in multiplayer games, synchronize multiplayer object information, voice and text

For different people

Flexible cooperation


Free access to distribution system to reach the audience

  • Using the Development Kit
  • Distribution through channels
  • Based on sales share
  • Support for all VR formats

Venue side

Procurement system applied to customized content

  • Distribute customized content
  • Provide a complete deployment solution
  • Provide timely technical support
  • Connect with top content studios


Operate off-the-shelf standard content with revenue sharing

  • Content Operations Share
  • Nearly 100+ pan-entertainment contents
  • Provide timely technical support
  • Provide perfect operation guidance


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